Tiffin Motorhomes

One of the few family-owned manufacturers in the industry, Tiffin Motorhomes knows it makes a difference in how they operate their business. Started in 1941, Tiffin was first just a store that sold tools to build and furnish a house. In 1972, Bob Tiffin, son of Alex Tiffin, bought an RV company and Tiffin Motorhomes was born. Today, Bob's sons are proud to help carry on the Tiffin legacy. 

Each model is made with innovation in mind. They know that efficiency is best and take their time to ensure each model is as enjoyable as possible. Features such as SmartSlides, Multiplex Wiring, Grid Lock Porcelain Tile Floors, and Form Fitted Seamless Roof Caps are just a few of the innovations that help make Tiffin Motorhomes what they are. 

Tiffin Motorhomes: Phaeton • Allegro Bus • Allegro Open Road • Allegro Red • Allegro Red 340 • Wayfarer


Allegro Bus

Allegro Red

Allegro Red 340

Allegro Open Road


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